SENG 42273 — Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering

We use search engines all the time in our day to day life. Some people use them to search for stuff while others use them to check their internet connection. 😅

A Search engine is basically a software system that systematically searches…

SENG 41283 — Distributed and Cloud Computing

Web Services

In simple terms, a web services are client server applications that communicate over the internet using HTTP. They provide interoperability between different software applications that run on different platforms and frameworks.

According to Oracle, There are two types of web services:

The “Big” web services uses Simple Object Access Protocol…

Domain Name System or DNS for short is one of the key components for accessing the internet. In this article, we’ll discuss DNS in simpler terms and dive a bit deeper.

DNS is in its basic form is kind of like the phone book on your mobile phone. Whenever you…

Nipun Sampath

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